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1st Dentist
Largest information resource about dentistry in North America.
Amalgam Illness
Diagnosis and Treatment by Dr. Andrew Cutler shows you how to deal with mercury poisoning from mercury-based amalgam fillings.
Bear Stewart Corporation Products
Bear Stewart Corporation has been providing quality baking products since 1899.
Cake Fillings - Sugar Chal
Wedding Cakesg, With lots of cakes and accessories to choose from, delivery and setup in the GTA Greater Toronto Area.
Informational web site about cosmetic dentistry in the Beverly Hills area.
Consumers for Dental Choice
Their mission is to promote access to mercury-free dentistry, to legislate for informed consent before placement of mercury amalgams.
Cosmetic Dentists
Cosmetic Dentistry all about cosmetic dentists in the USA. ... Silver-mercury fillings are ugly.
Dental Health Center Dessureault
The patient and dentist ... more noxious gas than if the fillings had remained in place.
Most of us have had amalgam fillings (silver) or gold filling restorations.
Elm Tree Clinic
What they Do - Restorative Dentistry.
Family Dentist
They provide "white" fillings for teeth.
Dental amalgam is commonly known as 'silver' fillings.
Fillings are about one-half composed of mercury.
Organic Fillings by The Pillow Co.
Organic pillow fillings of different, all-natural materials will provide the best possible support for your head.
There are different kinds of fillings to do the job.
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